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How to study for the HESI exit exam for Maternity?

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Hey, so I will be taking my HESI exam right around midterm week and then I will be taking another HESI exam around the finals week. I just wanted to know how should I prepare for it? I just bought the red HESI book that was surprisingly thin but I’m not sure if it’s good enough. I also have access to the 100 questions or so on the HESI evolve site but I’m not sure what to focus on. I’m trying to get prepared because the 2nd HESI exam I take, I have to get an 850 or more to get credit for it. I can fail the 1st HESI and still get credit as long as I remediate. There are remediation packets if you fail the 1st HESI exam but I’m not sure if I should rely on them to pass the HESI at the end if the semester. What’s a good way to study for these HESI exit exams? I’m just looking for a proven method that works since I have to deal with them until my last semester of nursing school. 

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