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How to review everything before applying for a position?

by ns808 ns808 Member

Hi everyone. I passed my NCLEX in August of 2017 and received my BSN in May 2018. I never worked at an acute care setting. I've been working at an LHR clinic instead and have not practiced any of my nursing skills and don't feel confident at all to apply for an acute care position. How can I review everything to prep me for at least the basics because right now I feel like I forgot everything :/

Chickenlady, ADN

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To review, I'd use Youtube.

For hands on, I'd be honest with the hiring manager that you are going to need refresher training. I worked in a place for 2 years after graduation where I didn't use much in the way of hands on skills. Then I went to the hospital and had to swallow my pride and accept that I needed a lot of practice to become proficient in urinary caths, IV's, etc. But it all worked out

They will likely put you through a fellowship and teach you what you need to learn.