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How to be a Research Assistant?


I hope someone could help me. I have a few questions... here goes:

A. Is there a chance for someone who has no bedside exposure to become a research assistant?

B. Should I have a masteral's degree in order to be like one?

C. Where should I start in order to become a research assistant?

I am not physically fit to work in the hospital anymore that's why I became interested in research. i still want to pursue nursing or anything related to science. I actually want to become a clinical research associate but it requires experience, so i thought of research assistant as a good foundation before pursuing my dream job.

thank you.


CRAs travel constantly, so if you aren't fit to work in the hospital, CRA wouldn't be a fit for you. You could become a clinical research coordinator. I think Gateway Community College has an online program for this. Good luck.


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Try your luck at local universities and institutions. TESDA sponsors individual researches. Universities like UST has Thomas Aquinas Research Center. Good luck!