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How to refresh knowledge before entrance exams?

BrittK BrittK (New) New

Hi everyone, so long story short, I'm taking pre-reqs but it's been about 3 years since I took my A&P courses (made A's in both with hard work) because I had chosen a different path and then came back to Nursing. Now, I know for HESI and TEAS that A&P makes up a great portion of it..how can I refresh my knowledge of it? Honestly, I probably remember half of what I learned at this point. I would hate to do poorly on that area and not get accepted because of it. :(

Purchase TEAS or HESI prep materials, and all CDs that come with. These should be sufficient for you to refresh your memory. If not, accompany information you are not clear about with the Youtube videos.

Hey, the TEAS and HESI prep guides contain I believe at least 3 practice tests. Also, they cover Math, English, Reading and Sciences. I think it is a sufficient amount of information. Like I mentioned previously, to supplement the info in prep guides you can watch Youtube videos.


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