How does one go about " clamping" a foley?

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I have not had to remove a foley catheter for the purpose of retraining a bladder in MANY years. Could someone review for me the clamping schedule? Does this often work? Is there a better system out there?

Nurse Ratched, RN

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I'm moving this into the general nursing forum. Hoping for some good suggestions :).

nursedawn67, LPN

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I believe we clamp ours q2hours, we leave the clamp on for 20 minutes and then drain the foley bag.

nurseygrrl, LPN

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At our facility we unclamp and drain the bladder fully q 2 hours.

for example:

Clamp at 2pm unclamp at 4pm and drain bladder fully then reclamp. Then I come back again at 6pm and do the same. It's supposed to simulate what would naturally happen if the pt. were urinating on their own.


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Thanks to everyone for your advise. It all comes back to me now! You are all wonderful! Debbie

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