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How are new grad ADNs with a LVN background faring in today's job market?

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Hello Everyone!

I've been scanning these forums and this is my first post! I will be entering a LVN-RN bridge program in Orange County, CA in a few months and feeling a little nervous from reading all the "new grad, no job" posts. I have 2 years experience as a LVN doing home health/respite care and also work at a weight loss clinic. In addition, I also have a BA degree. I'm determined to become a RN and plan on continuing onto higher education towards NP or CRNA, no matter what the shape of the economy is!

I know the job market is really tight these days, especially in Southern CA and was curious how other new grad ADNs with LVN backgrounds are doing in their Job Search.

Thanks in advance for any advice / input / words of encouragement from all the new grads and veteran nurses out there :)



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