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How nervous were you when you took the NCLEX?

by Joe V Joe V (Admin) Columnist Innovator Expert

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On the one hand we have those who have no problems taking test and on the other hand we have those who just break down...

Which one are you? How were you when you took the NCLEX? Nervous? Excited? Depressed? Anxious? the sweats??

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avaloncar, BSN, RN

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I was very nervous. I couldn't even eat my favorite breakfast. But thankfully I made it through!

My test is coming up, and I feel empty about the test...but more excited that I can finally help the people God forgot about (prisoners, the homeless, the addict, the abused).

Why do you think God forgot about those people?

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, MSN, RN

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nervous, but not unbearably so. i was more nervous for the psych certification exam.

my test is coming up, and i feel empty about the test...but more excited that i can finally help the people god forgot about (prisoners, the homeless, the addict, the abused).

you must be coming to psych :) if you are, welcome! if not, welcome to nursing in general!

Kiwi82, BSN, RN

Has 16 years experience.

SO NERVOUS! ... and I NEVER get nervous for tests...EVER! I was about to cry...:crying2: I had to turn around and go to the bathroom and take a few deap breaths before I actually went in the test center! After I started I was ok...and it went pretty well thank God!

I was pretty nervous during the exam, but nothing compares to afterward when I found out my dad had had an MI the night before and had snuck out of the house at 0300 with my mom to go to the hospital. Nothing like finishing your nursing boards and finding out that a close family member is going for a heart cath in a few minutes at the cardiac center down the road.

I was terrified and i usually dont get nervous for tests. my school made us do kaplan review and i read the saunders review book. there is way to much hype about nclex. I dont understand how i passed but since I passed and thought i was completely failed it must not be THAT hard...I had so many select all the aboves. shut off at 75. basically started studying the next day because i was 98% sure i failed. but i passed :)

I was somewhat nervous, not overly so though. I had studied, and knew that if I didn't know it by now, stressing out over it wouldn't make me be able to remember it any better. I did well enough in my classes at school, and trusted my instructors. It all went just fine, better than I had expected. :yeah:

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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I was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs! The instant I sat down at the computer, it hit me: four years of my life, not to mention blood, sweat and tears, and it had all boiled down to this moment.:eek:

A mere forty minutes and 75 questions later, the computer shut off and I went into full panic mode---"OMG, I'm not done, they didn't let me answer enough questions, I'm gonna fail!!!" Well, I hadn't, but in those days we had to wait a couple of weeks for our results. I can't even imagine how it must've been in the way-back days when the exam was two full days long and you had to wait THREE MONTHS to find out if you were a nurse or not.....

Took mine today, nervous!! I had to take my earpugs out because I heard my heart beating.

Hi everyone!!

I'm from the UK where we don't have any equivalent to NCLEX! Can someone explain it to me? What is it? Why do u have to pay for it? What questions are u asked?


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I wouldn't know ... I am slated to take the exam in August :D

Taking the exam April 18th and have a minor panic attack when even thinking about it! I am just like the cartoon above :[ I never got nervous for exams during school and was always the "chill" student who took everything in stride.... but now, this NCLEX exam has me pulling my hair out! I am so nervous... still a few weeks left to maintain my sanity (sweating and shallow breathing right now just THINKING about it ahhhhh!!!!!!!!)

I was so nervous that when it turned off at 75 questions I jumped and thought I broke the computer.

I have been a RN for four weeks now and I thought I was ok for the test untill I sat before the computer and the first question said "choose all that apply"! I dread that style of questions. When I came to question 75 I held my breath and said a prayer that this woud be the last question. I clicked summit for the answer and up came question 76, 77,78,100,225.. I had every question possable. I knew I had failed so when I got home I tried the "trick to tell if you passed" and it did not work. I called my Board of Nursing and asked for directions for retaking it. They laughed and asked me if I liked taking the NCLEX that I had passed and so only if I really wanted to would they have me re-take it!!!!


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In the months before i took my exam everytime i opened up my book to study i had a mild panic attack, palpitations, and difficutly breathing EVERYTIME hahaha sat down to take the test and panicked again (you would think i was used to this) tried to calm myself down making myself think it was just a test something i was good at after 45 minutes and 85 questions later screen turned blue and my heart dropped!! i wanted more questions! didnt feel like it was enough i swear i held my breath and tried keeping my cool from the time i walked out of the center til i sat in my car then the flood came! did not want to do the PVT trick because i knew i had failed so i started going over the questions from the NCLEX and started to notice i actually had them right so i did the PVT and i got that beautiful pop up window 3 weeks later mail came and i passed!! hardest test i have EVER taken lol


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Before I take a test I perform a few deep, calming breaths. Inhale through the nose slowly, hold for three second, and then release slowly through the mouth. Any nursing program is heavy on testing so managing test anxiety is important for any nursing student.