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How are you with needles?


so, I'm just curious, are there any nurses out there who can draw other people's blood or start IVs just fine but freak out when it happens to them? I just went to the doctor's office today and almost fainted from having blood drawn (granted, I had a fever of 101 and hadn't slept last night or eaten for the last day or two, and had just had other rather unpleasant tests done). my mom's whole side of the family seems to have a biological predisposition to being sensitive about these kinds of things...its rather embarrassing.

did IVs make you uncomfortable before they became a part of your daily work?

can you still be a good nurse with problems like this? I think it bothers me way more when its happening to me than other people, but I'm only doing pre-nursing classes right now so I've never gotten the chance to do something like this with someone else, aside from dogs. I used to work at a kennel, plenty of nasty clean up there, and occasional injections, and I managed those fine. I'm really hoping that means I'll be ok with patients, even if I'm not the stoutest patient myself.

Virgo_RN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Cardiac Telemetry, ED.

I hate needles....in me. I don't mind sticking them in other people.

Christie RN2006

Specializes in SICU, EMS, Home Health, School Nursing.

I have no problem starting IVs or giving injections to other people, but if those needles are pointed towards me, I flip out! I almost passed out when I got my ears pierced!


Specializes in cardiac. Has 10 years experience.

No they don't bother me.

nrsang97, BSN, RN

Specializes in Neuro ICU and Med Surg. Has 20 years experience.

Needles don't bother me anymore. I have been having to give myself shots since last July off and on. I was trying to get prenant and had to do sub-q injections of hormones. Now I am on IM progesterone, but I have to have my husband or a coworker give it to me.

Needles never really bother me before anyway, but now they bother me a lot less.

chenoaspirit, ASN, RN

Specializes in Med/Surg, Home Health.

nope, I even let people practice IVs and blood draws on me. Its just a needle. A little sting, thats it. But then again, Ive been stuck so many times, Im used to it (multiple surgeries).

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych. Has 15 years experience.

I don't mind sticking people and I don't really mind getting stuck.

The one thing I cannot stand having done to me is a fingerstick with a lancet for blood sugars. I hate having my fingertips lanced. It hurts!

flightnurse2b, LPN

Specializes in EMS, ER, GI, PCU/Telemetry.

nope, I even let people practice IVs and blood draws on me. Its just a needle. A little sting, thats it. But then again, Ive been stuck so many times, Im used to it (multiple surgeries).

thats how i am too. i don't mind being stuck at all, it really doesn't hurt all that bad unless someone really screws it up. i looked like a heroin addict in paramedic school and in nursing school because i let alot of people get a try at an IV start on me.

nightmare, LPN

Specializes in Nursing Home ,Dementia Care,Neurology..

I don't mind sticking people and I don't really mind getting stuck.

The one thing I cannot stand having done to me is a fingerstick with a lancet for blood sugars. I hate having my fingertips lanced. It hurts!

Now I don't mind doing my fingersticks but I hate having blood drawn from me!!Always look the other way much to the PN's amusement!

Lacie, BSN, RN

Specializes in jack of all trades.

I had to recently draw my own yearly labs for my job as it was let the pct do it or do it myself. I work in dialysis and they may be used to a 14g in a huge fistula but leave my veins alone!!! I can handle needles it's vomiting I loose it with. Been hit with mucous plugs and you name it but someone to hurl I'm done lol, Dont feel bad as there are many nurses that have thier own phobias when it comes to thier own bodies when it comes to needles. You should hear some of my staff when they have to get thiers done. Had a few pass out too.


Specializes in Peds Critical Care, Dialysis, General.

Needles are just fine - as long as I'm the one in control of them. And I just despise fingersticks!!!!!!!

Everyone hates the lancet finger stick. Too many never endings. Protip: Go for the side. Also, I get my clients to "inhale", and as they are inhaling, I stick. They are not tense during the inhale, I guess they assume you will stick once they are really prepared, and it is always a lesser reaction. I learned this observing dentists. They always ask you to inhale as they go under your gum line with a local. "Take a breath in through your nose..." *jab*

I used to have a mild problem with needles. Didn't much enjoy getting them, could never imagine giving them. It ran in my family too. Got into nursing, faced it head on. I worked a couple of weeks during a vaccination drive at a clinic. Did hundreds of jabs. Also, I am now quite a good site spotter on any baby. Those tears are better than a debilitating childhood illness.


Specializes in MSP, Informatics. Has 17 years experience.

Ok, I don't mind IV's or getting stuck for Lab draws.... but I HATE IM shots! for some reason, I can actually hear that crunching thrugh my tissue as the needle goes in!!!!

I can't watch if I get an IM shot... I have to sit down, and I get cold chills.

when it comes to IV's I Should cringe! I have those veins that look great, but have valves and roll. When I came in for my Appy, the nurses in the ED played rocks/paper/sisors to see who had to start my IV! (It took 3 tries) When I had my Insurance physical, it took the Insurance nurse 5 tries to draw my bloodwork! At that point I was holding the vein for her, so she could fish for it with the needle! and I gave blood at the red cross.... it took them 5 tries to stick me!!!!! after that I started volenteering for new nurses that needes sticks. Let them get used to rolling veins. But I would not volenteer for an IM shot! Just bizzar on my part.

Oh and I have no problem with needles myself. I used to work in an animal research lab. We had to start IV's on rabbit ears, mouse tails.... I am good with a needle. I would just rather have an IV than an IM injection any day!


Specializes in LTC, Memory loss, PDN. Has 23 years experience.

I always thought people afraid of shots or blood draws were overly dramatic, until I was tasked with teaching a full bird colonel to self administer insulin (this was before the advent of pens). He had no trouble drawing it up correctly, but could not bring himself to inject. He had seen action in two wars and I knew he had been awarded the silver star for single handedly charging and taking out an enemy machine gun nest. In other words, this guy was no wuss. So there must be a predisposition which appears to be extremely difficult to combat.

blondy2061h, MSN, RN

Specializes in Oncology. Has 15 years experience.

I don't mine most needles. I actually feel more comfortable having someone stick me than needing to stick someone. I rarely have to actually stick my patients, and I feel bad when I do. Guess I'm too sympathetic.

Those one-time-use lancets are awful. *Real* lancing devices meant for daily use aren't nearly that bad. Not a fan of IM's either. I'd rather have an IV started than get an IM shot.

Roy Fokker, BSN, RN

Specializes in ER/Trauma.

I donate blood and plasma on a regular, clockwork basis. I have great veins... they're just not "anatomically normal" (BIG surprise isn't it? "Gee Roy. Is there ANY part of you that IS normal?? Huh?!" :icon_roll :p)

I still remember the last time I needed a CT scan done.

Long story short - I ended up sitting there guiding the student tech [this was the second time she was attempting to start a line on me] step by step: "Left just a bit more... a little more...." etc.

Besides, I was the favorite person to "stick" when I was in school :)

I guess I have no problems with needles.



Specializes in PICU/NICU. Has 14 years experience.

No problem sticking others... but I do look the other way when I need my blood drawn or an IV start by someone else. However....... I did place an IV in myself once and give myself a liter of NS out of despiration with a bad gastro bug.

Pepper The Cat, BSN, RN

Specializes in Gerontology. Has 35 years experience.

23 years as a nurse.

9 operations - still will requres more due to ongoing medical problems.

Still cannot watch them draw blood, practically hyperventilated on the OR table during last OR procedure. As soon as I sat on the OR table, I began to show anxiety. Thanks to the great OR nurse, who just lay me down. put on O2 and

said - RELAX!

By the way - I have fabulous veins - you could put a garden hose in my veins they are so good - but I am still scared too death as soon as I get into a lab or OR. Of course - I blame it on 2 reasons: 1 - first major OR I was 7 and 2- as an RN - I know what can go wrong!!

I'm telling you - its so hard to be a nurse and to be scared in the OR!

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