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How much work experience should I include in Resume?


HI there, my family is relocating and I am updating my resume after working 2 years in an IMCU, which of course will go at the top of my resume, and prior to that my first RN job was 1 year in primary care.

Prior to these RN jobs I was a CNA for several years, and these CNA jobs were listed on my resume when I applied for the my last 2 RN jobs. My question is, do I need to bother listing all the CNA jobs ( I had 2) dating back to 2014? I have read that for certain professions, listing the last 10 years of experience is advised but considering the times and relevant experience being key, would listing these jobs only make my resume too bulky for a unit or clinic manager to drudge through?

Thank you!

It is necessary to take into account in your resume exactly the work experience that will directly come in handy in a potential vacancy