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How much money to save?

by giov giov Member

Hello all, I start school in August. Planning on taking two months off work. I just want a general idea of how much money people had on hand such as food/groceries, fun, school supplies, testing fees, emergency fund... etc.

Thank you!

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Obviously, a lot depends on your situation. Family? Spouse? Kids? Car Payment? Rent? If you are on your own and will be living completely off loans, having at least $5k in the bank is a great start. Sure people do it with less but who knows what will happen. If you take out the max cost of attendance in loans, then there is no more money for you from the financial aid office.

I’ve been saving up for a bit now! 
My goal is to have around 120 K! 
I am at 89 RN. 
Legally single and no kids! 

I am also curious about how much others save! Cause school is so expensive 😞 

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