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How Much Do You Love Your Job?

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I am a "seasoned" nurse, currently working in MSICU.  I love being a nurse, but I am starting to feel the physical effects of larger patients, as well as the emotional impact of my unusually unpleasant RN Manager. I had hoped to obtain a position with a large hospice company in my area, but have not been able to do so.  

I love doing CRRT, and have experience in peritoneal dialysis. I was offered an interview within my current facility.

Here is my dilemma, if I am offered the position with my current company, I would lose my shift differential (approx. $1000.00 a month).

I have many years to work before I can even consider retirement. I just want to do my job without being bi#@hed at on a regular basis and without turning 600lb patients every week. 

If I can enjoy my job and be fulfilled, without the current bs, it may well be worth taking the loss.

So, do you love your job?

Thanks for taking the time.


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