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How many applicants/ JJC?


Does anyone know how many applicants on average JJC has for each application cycle? I think I heard they accept 96 applicants (72 day and 24 night) but I wondering how many people dont get in?

I think there were 238 applicants for the Fall 2015 start date, of which 208 qualified as potential candidates. There were then 34 of those 208 who got a TEAS score of 80+. Those were guaranteed acceptance and notified yesterday (16 days after application deadline). The remainder (or those who ranked second highest) were sent emails with instructions on how to come in and complete their essays for further competitive selection. Those will probably be notified of the School's decision towards the end of the month.

That is probably more information than you were looking for, but if you are planning on applying at any point, this could be helpful; I know it was for me. :-)