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How to manage the fluid state of this patient?

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Hello guys, our professor asked this case: The patient (cerebrovascular illness, hypertension, diabetic, epilepsy, right hemiplegia for a long time, 70 years old) has 3 main and 3 snacks in his normal diet. He has a swallowing problem. He is fed by a nasogastric tube. 200ml soup and 30cc water for every feeding time. No defecation for 15 days. 165 pounds to 143 pounds in two months. Foley catheter, IV catheter, NG catheter. Urinary output 900 ml/day.

I am confused about this fluid state; (200+30) x 6 minus 900; 1380-900: 480ml.

Where is this missing fluid amount? Which nursing interventions and procedures should I do for fluid?

**Sorry for my English 

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juniper222 has 2 years experience and specializes in Pre Nursing.

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may be insensible fluid loss. Normal would fall within 40 to 800mL/day. Here is some reading...


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