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How long should i wait?


I graduated on the 18th of feb. and recieved my authorization to test today.When should i schedule the nclex pn a week a month or longer? thanks in advance

Its really up to you. Depending on how well prepared you think you are. I've been told to take the test 2-4 weeks after you graduated depending on what you believe is a good time. IIRC statistics show a decline in passing rates if you wait longer than 3 months.

You should test yourself, Saunders Questions are really good... if you can answer 75% or more.. you know youre ready.

Schedule the test on a date that makes sense for you. Make sure you have prepared sufficiently and are ready on that date when it comes. Don't start the rescheduling circle if you can help it. Only you know when you will be ready. Set the date, then work toward that date. Good luck.

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