How long does it take to find out if you got into Chamberlain's program?


Hello, I recently applied to Chamberlain's BSN program (not the online program) at the Houston campus, and the wait is killing me! It started quickly at first after completing the application, HESI exam, and getting all my transcripts evaluated. It's been almost two weeks since my advisor reported that my transcripts have all checked out and that he has submitted my paperwork to the committee for admission. I heard they meet on Friday but Friday past last week and I haven't heard anything. I called this Monday and he said they will be meeting "mid-week" its 10:00am Wednesday morning and no call or email yet! If they are meeting on Friday this week, how long will It take to receive a decision on whether or not I got accepted? Classes start on August 31st 2015, today is the 19th and I know there are a few things that need to be done after admission like the background check and fingerprinting, so I am freaking out! Anybody who hasexperience with Chamberlain, please help me out if you can. Thanks!


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Hi! So how did it go? I inquired aug12 and I started aug31... Good luck!