How long for your school to file NCLEX paperwork?


Only got one answer in NJ forum - so posting here. I have learned that my school takes close to two months to file the paperwork and it will be two months after I graduate before I can test. In NJ you can't work as a graduate nurse, can't even apply until you've passed the test, so the delay will cost me 9k minus taxes and I am deep in debt.

How long does your school take?


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I'm in the Omaha area. It took about 2 weeks from the time final grades were posted until I got my ATT.

Two months seems like a very long time. At least you know that it will be a while before you can test. Use your time wisely and study.


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Here is the schedule of what happened with me:

April 30 - Final test

May 11 - Graduation

May 27 - Board of Nursing received students' paperwork - We were then listed on the Ohio BON site as graduate nurses

June 6 - Received my ATT and scheduled my test

So it took my school about a month for our papers to get to the right place. We were also told in March it would take this long.

Two months though? That sounds like a little too long! It's like being held hostage because you can't do anything about it.

Are you sure you can't even apply in the meantime? That sounds different.

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