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How long should nursing homes keepMDS's?

by stevetoast stevetoast (New) New

New to this so how long should nursing homes keep old MDS's for?


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I think nursing homes should keep old medical doctors (MDS), for as long as they need care. :)

I assume you mean medical records? Be careful using abbreviations at your job or even just posting a question here.

How long to keep patient's medical records is something your medical records department should be dealing with. I hope it is not the nursing staffs responsibility?

I did a quick Google search, it showed every states regulations. In California it is seven years.

CapeCodMermaid, RN

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In the chart or easily available, MDSs for 15 months.

MDS=minimum data set...NOT orders


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OMG, minimum data sets, I wasn't even close í ½í¸†.