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How Long after NCLEX did your license appear on the BON web site?

by Stuttle9 Stuttle9 (New) New

I took my NCLEX on July 3rd, received my unofficial passing results on July 5th. It is now July 9th and I do not see my name on the site. I would really appreciate it I could get an estimate of how long it takes. I am trying to apply for jobs but I am afraid that when they go to look me up on the site and my name does not appear I will be disregarded for the position. Thanks!!!!!!

You should go ahead and apply!! Employers don't usually spend time checking licenses or degrees until after they want to make you an offer or at least after an interview. I'd start applying ASAP!

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Give it a week. You can start applying. I got my license about 7 days after I took the exam.

My license came in a week but my name appeared in 4 days.