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How long is your letter of explanation to BON?

by Penny17 Penny17 (New) New

So any help would be so helpful right now! I am about to graduate nursing school (Yay!) and I am filling my paperwork out. I'm typing up my letter of explanation for the BON about my charges, but I don't know how long to make this thing. I am just curious how long you all made your letters. I know everyones situation is different, but when explaining the changes in your life, community work, self-improvements and rehab efforts, I feel like it can be easy to kind of go on and on trying to show how much I have improved. So how long are you guys writing this out to be? right now mine is two full pages, but I just don't know if its too long. I don't know if they read these things all day long and want it to be shorter and to the point? Im just curious and wanting to get some insight on all of your letters, so how long is all of yours? Thanks in advance!