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How long for IP?

I've searched the site for an answer to this question and wasn't able to find one. How long does it take the BRN to issue an IP once the application for examination and IP have been sent? I live in CA. Other students who graduated last semester weren't issued an IP until around their grad date and I wondered why it wasn't sooner like a month before or something so you can start applying for jobs before then. Thanks.

to answer your question, they need to see your final transcript to verify that you in fact did pass the nursing school and recieved your degree. Mine was issued within 3 weeks after applying. Hope it helped!

And you CAN start applying for jobs before then--the nurse managers are used to it. You tell them you have applied for your IP, and they will hire you to start when you get it (if they're willing to hire someone with an IP and not a license--they will want to know when you plan to take the NCLEX).

Thanks for the replies! That really helps.

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