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How long to get RN license?

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My mother's company wants her to work in Oklahoma in a month or so, and she's been licensed there before in 1989, but it is considered "lapsed" by the BON's system now (obviously). She also has several licenses in other states but Oklahoma's not a compact state.

Do you guys think she need to use the reinstatement application, or would she use the Endorsement application? How long on average does it take to get a temp license, and how long does it take to get the actual license?

She's going to call them up tomorrow but I told her I'd see what all the OK nurses have to say in the meantime. :D Thanks guys!

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Not an OK nurse...yet still waiting on my endorsement application to go through. But I would think that if she has an active license in another state she should use the endorsement application. The way I am reading it from the OBN website, the reinstatement application would be for someone whose license has gone inactive, been suspended, etc. I did not request a temp license since we don't move until November and I want to get our house settled before I start looking for a job. I sent the application in late August. I live overseas though and I had forgotten the OBI background investigation form. That is why it is taking so long for me. It shouldn't take that long for your mom.

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