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How long to get your # from AMCB?


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So I graduated at the beginning of May, and despite what I was told by my school and what was written in the candidate handbook, it took a good 3 weeks for my paperwork to clear and for me to get authorization to test. I finally tested last Monday, and now I am impatiently waiting to get my certification number so I can apply for my license. I know they will mail me a letter but I don't want to wait! I was hoping maybe it would show up on the website sooner but no luck yet. A friend of mine who tested a week before me has still not gotten her number.

Long story short, I'm just curious how long you all waited to get your number. I'm trying to be patient but I've been waiting for this since 2008!

LibraSunCNM, MSN

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Congrats on passing the boards! I believe it took 2 weeks when I took them in 2013.