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How did you know you liked it?

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I am still early in my residency so maybe that is my problem.  But so far, I don't know if I really like what the circulator does.

Setting up the room, retrieving supplies, listening for the needs of the scrub/surgeon, etc...just the routine nature of it...I guess I'm worried it won't "do it" for me.

We had a worrisome situation with a patient's airway in a surgery...patient developed hypercapnia and it was a mystery to the CRNA.  I went home and researched it and all I wanted to do was the follow the patient and figure out WHY and what to do about it.  But in my role...it stops at the PACU hand-off.  (And no, I don't think I want to be a CRNA).

I almost LIKE when we are running around crazy busy because at least then we aren't sitting around with all the charting done, waiting to be needed.  It just feels like checking things off a list and if things are going well, you WANT it to feel that way.  I guess I am needing more action.  And you don't want an OR to feel like that, right?

I REALLY thought it was fascinating in the beginning, but that is wearing off.  Our residency manager has encouraged us to let her know if we have those feelings.  Is this normal "disillusionment" or am I not really cut out for the OR?

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