How do you keep yourself motivated to study when you really don't want to?

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I am soooo tired of studying. I am always always reading, studying, highlighting, memorizing, learning something. I am only in my first semester. Sometimes, i just want to frolick around and I have been proscrastinating alot lately. Now is not the time to do it as we have a test every week until school ends starting this week. I have good grades so far, but I'm tired, yall. I need motivation seriously. :uhoh21:



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Remember, it's time limited. You will not be doing this's just a small amount of your life. And the holidays are coming up....there's a break too!

And it helps if you take study night a week could be your "study free" night. Or you could take an hour break for every 3 hours you put in...and then keep track.

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I try to take a day off every week. I always tell myself that the time is going to pass, so I might as well make the most of it. I try to read a chapter of a novel each night before bed to help me unwind. Good luck to you.


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I think about my options. I absolutely CANNOT flunk out. If I quit or flunk out, I will have to get a job that will pay wayyyy less than what a nurse makes, doing something that I really don't want to be doing. Being a nurse is so important to me that even though I'd rather be doing anything else but studying, I dig in.


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I, too, like to take a day off with no studying (or only if I want to!)

I heard it helps some people to study for 50 minutes, then take a ten minute break.

I also like to "reward" myself with a favorite tv show, little snack, time with the kids after studying.

But, my biggest motivator is the thought of graduating knowing I did the best job I could...



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I imagine two different scenarios in my head...

1. I could not graduate and I imagine myself sweating,working at McDonalds, and be hollered at about someone's whopper being put together wrong!! :chuckle :angryfire

2. I then imagine myself graduating and smiling and picture myself performing the job I am majoring in and then being able to afford things in life that I want!

That helps kick some motivation into my arss!! :rotfl: :balloons: :coollook: :o :rolleyes: :chuckle :p :imbar


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sign your name "jane doe, RN" and admire how pretty it looks. then think you sure wont get to do that for real if you dont study, lol.

i've never done that. i've just think about how hard my tests are and how i can never study enough for them. just do some fun stuff in your life, too

love, rose

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Oh I totally hear ya! I've had tests every Tues. for the past 2 weeks, and they will continue every Tues. until the end of the semester. So my weekends are spent studying, studying, and studying!

Last weekend I spent all day every day of the weekend studying so hard for a test that I was determined to do well on, at the end of those days I thought my eyes were going to pop right out of my head and then when I couldn't take anymore I'd just crash into my bed and then dream about the dang chapters (UGH, I hate that!). But, I got a 90 on my exam! That right there is motivation for me, it was all worth it.

I agree with what Michelle said about studying for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break.... that really helps me. I can't studying for hours and hours at a time with no break. I study hard for 50 minutes and then I get up, go outside, listen to the radio, get a snack, get a drink, ANYTHING but studying .... just get away for 10 minutes. Then come back to your studying and go for another 50 minutes. This helps, give it a try!

It gets better! My first year was hard. I graduate in May and this year has been a lot better. So just keep your head up and know there's an end in sight! Like others have mentioned, it won't be like this forever and it'll be worth it in the end :)



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I've changed up my routine. Instead of trying to force myself to stay up late to study, I get up early. So early, in fact that most people think I'm nuts ;) I'm usually out of bed around 3 or 4 am. I loose the same amount of sleep, but I find I am retaining stuff a lot better because I've gotten sleep before studying, rather than after. Believe it or not, I actually kind of enjoy it. The house is quiet, and there is not one single thing I can justify doing besides studying at that ungodly hour. Normally, I have such a hard time staying on task that even the laundry seems preferable to sitting there with my books. Nope, if I'm going to do housework, I'd be better off just going back to I actually stick with it. Those with kids..this is the way to go!




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It is so tough at times. I like to allow myself little treats after so much time studying. Take breaks--don't try to do it all at one time. Try to make a list of the assignments you have to do, and then check them off or cross them out when you have finished them.

And remember to keep telling yourself, "This is a means to an end."


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I used to take a 5-10 minute break every 30 minutes. To get up and stretch, wake up and get some blood flowing the back to the books. It helps some mostly you just have to do even if you don't want to. Make flash cards and take them with u where ever you go so even if you only have a few minutes here or there you have something to study at the time. It breaks things up and doesn't seem like you are constantly @ the books. Hope it helps.



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I really needed that pep talk. "This is a means to an end".

"This is only temporary". I can do this. I am going to try the 50 min studying, then taking breaks. I am also go to get back into the habit of organizing my agenda with the things that I need to do for that day and scratching them off. Thanks so much. :)

also I can't imagine myself flipping whoppers either :chuckle

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