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How I Passed My CPNRE


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Hello to all,

Passing the CPNRE was thrilling and exciting moment for me. I took my examination Sept, 2013. I had the doubt failing after taking the examination. Fortunately, I received a letter from CNO recognizing that I successfully passed.

Some of these may had helped me to pass:

- reviewing with friends

- attending school Comprehensive Preparatory Classes and passing the

Consolidation Comprehensive Multiple Choice Examination (minimum grade 70%)

- taking the CPNRE Predictor Test

- answering the PN questions on Facebook

- understanding the CPNRE blueprint

- knowledge of the CNO Standards and Guidelines

- using the borrowed NCLEX for PN book from the Toronto Public Library

- practicing with multiple choices questions

- identifying and knowing Multiple Choices Strategies

- lastly, be positive even though negative thinking persists

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