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How do I handle a bon defered ordered when applying for a job

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I applied for a job and offered it pending a background check. I had a deferred discipline on

my record when I thought it would be confidential

after 5 years. There is a record and I checked no

disciplinary action is on my license. I let my employer know it was naïveté not deception

for checking the no discipline box.

Now about applying for the next job, how do I handle the discipline order besides checking the box? Should I have a hard time finding work?

Please advise.

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KCMnurse has 33 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN.

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If there is a public disciplinary action against your license, this will be a challenge as you seek employment. The best you can do is be up front with potential employers. If this was supposed to become confidential after 5 years then you need to follow up with your BON - look at the documentation you have to verify that first. Good luck in your Job Search.

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