How Has COVID-19 Changed Your Program/Graduation Date?


Hey guys!

Question out of has COVID-19 changed your program and graduation date?

I am nearing the end of my 4th out of 5 semesters. Supposed to graduate in August. We haven’t been told anything about a Summer semester. I know a lot of schools are online this Summer, but our school doesn’t even have a schedule posted for the Summer as of now.

We was able to complete all clinical hours for this semester before the pandemic hit. So all we are doing now is finishing up lecture and exams.

All we have this Summer is a RN leadership course and RN preceptorship. Our core subjects with Med Surg, OB, Peds, and Psych is finished.

Those of you set to graduate this Summer or this fall, what plan has your school given you so far? I’m just curious as to what could happen. Online class and online preceptorship? Maybe even graduate early? Or the dreaded pushed back a semester?