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How is GPA looked at when applying to graduate school?


Does anyone know how admissions departments look at your GPA if you have been to several different schools. For example, let's say you have a 2.75 GPA when you graduated with your first bachelors in some unrelated field. Then you decided you wanted to go to nursing school so you took 4-5 pre-reqs at a community college and got a 4.0 for those classes. Then you graduated from the ADN or diploma program with a 3.5 GPA. THEN you went back to school in an RN to BSN program and got a 3.0 for that. When you apply to graduate school, do they average out all the GPAs somehow? Do they put more weight on the nursing classes and any science/math classes you took over the year? This must be a somewhat common occurrence because I know a lot of us got degrees in some unrelated field when we were younger and then probably took classes at a lot of different schools along the way to becoming a graduate school applicant. I know that when you go the RN to BSN route, the BSN school will give you credit for previous work done in the previous nursing program (ADN/diploma) and previous bachelors. I'm still in the my first year of nursing school (diploma) but I am curious as to how all the schooling adds up in the end.

Thanks for any input!


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