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How good is ICU nurse residency training?

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by AesthesiaSeeker AesthesiaSeeker (New Member) New Member

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Long story short I worked as a nurse for about a year on a PCU. I had a family member become sick and my family told me they wanted me back home to help take care of them and watch them. I really don't want to go into details about it but they're back on their feet now.

Anyhow it's been 18 months since I worked as a nurse. I have always wanted to do ICU nursing and I've been applying to new grad residencies since I kinda need a reset.

My question: for somebody who's been out of the game for 18 months, would I be ok and have enough knowledge to be successful in an ICU residency training program?

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NICU Guy has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and works as a NICU RN.

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Working for a year as a nurse and 18 months post graduation excludes you from most new grad residencies.

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