How did you get into psych nursing?

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I just graduated from my LPN program today , and got my mock boards score back. My highest scores surprisingly were all pertaining to psychosocial & mental health nursing. Now that I know where my strength is, I'm thinking of looking into this specialty when I graduate from my RN program.

How did you decide to get into psych? Did you do well with psych in school ? Are you surprised your doing psych now?



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congrats on your graduation! i loved psych in school, but also leaned toward surgery and obstetrics. after my clinicals at a state hospital though, i knew that was where i was going! i was urged repeatedly by professors and classmates to go do at least 6 mths of med surg, but i didnt, i went right into psych. i went back after about 6 years and got my psych np, and still love what i do. good luck to you

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