How to get foot in door as NICU RN


Hello all nurses,

How does one go about landing a job in the NICU? Does anyone know of any hospitals that are willing to take on nurses with experience but in a different field and orient them? I have experience as an OB RN and would live to switch to NICU. Most job postings require 1-3 years in a level 3 NICU experience. Any advice or tips on how I can go about getting that experience?



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Can you apply for some level II special care nurseries? I've seen a few postings with that and then try for NICU?

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Can you switch to a hospital that has a NICU? It is usually easier to make a lateral move within an institution.

You can also try shadowing in a unit you are interested in, sometimes that can get a foot in the door.



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Hey - I got your PM, but because I haven't posted 15 "quality" posts on here, it won't let me send you a reply. I'd love to answer your questions and tell you how the NNP stuff is going. Feel free to e-mail at my ID here (jessoutside) at gmail.