How to get experience to become a Diabetic Educator

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Hi all

I am very interested in become a diabetic educator. I have been an ICU nurse for the past 6+ years but my goal was always to be a CDE. I am aware that you need 1000 hours to sit for the exam but my primary and immediate goal right now is:

1. Find a training course for clinicians not currently working in the field (online). I have basic knowledge but want to expand my education on the topic beyond what I do in the hospital.

2. Get some experience that I can apply towards becoming a CDE.

Can anyone give me some pointers/tips or recommendations as to how to proceed?

thanks in advance

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I'm interested too. Following!


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It is a bit of a catch 22. You have to have experience to take the CDE exam, but most employers want to hire CDE's. Look into Davita🍭