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How was your first day working as a CNA night shift? What did you do?


I am just curious and nervous because my shift is 11 PM through 7 AM full time at a LTC assisted living facility. I feel like I'm going to be completely shy and forget everything. This is my first job and I am a slow learner (unfortunately). I don't know how the nurses and CNAs really are but according to my interview with the Director of Nursing she did mention that we have to work as a pair. We CANNOT work alone at all which is kind of comforting, I'm all about teamwork. I know it's not good to rely on someone but I will feel overwhelmed working alone for my first day but I know I will get hang of it soon. Also what do you do during night shift?

My first night working night shift was not too bad. My position is called patient care specialist which is a (tech/CNA) but in all actuality, I'm a safety sitter. I monitor patients for safety, take vitals signs, baths, change diapers etc. I work in a children's hospital. My suggestion is when you get a lunch break, take a nap, then refresh yourself with a coffee and you will be fine.