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How do you encourage others to learn?

Emergency   (744 Views 2 Comments)
by JillR JillR (New Member) New Member

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Tiiki works as a registered nurses, Emergency Dept.

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Hi, you do have a dilema. I too work in the ER. Sometimes in dire straights we pull RN's off the acute care floors. They are a little more prepared for the dealings of the ER, but still greatly intimidated. I have found there there will always be someone who knows more than you, & always someone who knows less than you. This give you the opportunity to learn & to teach. Is it possible to orientate the RN who is eager & bright? I would not want a sloppy RN around my patients either, regardless of her training. See about getting the RN #1 oriented then you will be free to call on her. As for RN #2, start documenting her work habits, she doesn't sound very safe. What are the follow up to incident reporting? Find out her work habits on the floor. She may require re-orientating, and a bit of an attitude adjustment.

Let me know how it goes! Good luck!




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