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How Early Did You Start to Study for the NCLEX?

by Vix Vix, CNA (New) New Nurse Student

Specializes in Geriatrics.

Hi, I'm about to end my 2nd level of nursing school (Med/Surg component, very heavy), and move to my 3rd ( which will be Pediatric/OB/Psych focus.) My ASN program is 4 levels, ( 4th is Cardiac/ICU focus ), so I was wondering when is a good time to go ahead and start doing practice exams and programs like UWorld? I take ATI practice assessments and my school just can't cover everything that's on these exams, so some of these questions spook me. I'd like to get prepared in a reasonable manner, but also not spook myself over things I haven't learned yet.

Anyone have a solid timeline for studying each component? So far I have done Fundamentals, Surgical Nursing, Hospice, Wound Care, ER, Infusion, a good majority of Pharmacology, so I do have a semblance of foundation. A touch of Peds here and there too. I know some people wait until the very last semester to start getting NCLEX focused. Is that the better path?

Thanks in advance!

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