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How difficult was the HESI exam?

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I'm supposed to take the HESI exam next week and I have not studied at all for it. The topics on the exam are Reading, language, math, and science (a&p, chemistry, basic biology) I have never taken a chemistry class, however, I have taken a&p I... I really want to get into this nursing program and my score on this exam will determine that. When you took the exam, did you find it difficult?

I had the HESI study manual, and I studied that like crazy. I still found the exam to be quite difficult! There were so many different things on the exam that I (and a couple of others taking the exam) had felt weren't even covered in the manual. However, that being said, I did manage to pass with a pretty good grade. I would strongly encourage anyone who is taking the HESI exam to get the study book and learn as much as you can from that!