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How to convert HESI score?

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Hi, everyone!

I've been taking my HESI-PN exams, and I have no idea what my score as a percentage is. My instructors never gave us the converted scores, so I'm trying to figure it out. My scores have been:

Anatomy & Physiology: 1074

Fundamentals: 1178

Dosage Calculation: 1183

Nutrition: 1198

Maternity: 1064

Pediatrics: 907 (may have to retake this one because my school requires 1050)

Psychiatric: 1203

Pharmacology: 1051

Med-Surg: 1289

I have my final cumulative HESI next Friday, and the director keeps telling us that scoring 1050 is almost a guaranteed indicator of passing the NCLEX. Do you all think that's true?

Thank you! 🙂


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