How does CM pay compare to bedside RN pay?

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How does the pay for CM compare to bedside RN pay overall? I realize hours are better but is there a big difference in hourly pay rate or is it salary?

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I received a CM job offer recently. It is salaried and I'll be taking about a $7,000 pay cut per annum when compared with the floor nursing job I'm currently working.

However, I'll gladly take the pay cut in exchange for enhanced quality of life and the chance to escape the bedside.

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I make somewhat more than hospital nurses. I am also eligible for 401K matching and work from home saving commuting and wardrobe costs.



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Coming from home health it was a 16000 a year increase. Very well compensated for my low cost of living area. Hospitals here do not pay very well. Home health makes more.


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OP: I work in the hospital setting and work in a state that pays nurses well in the hospital setting.... Bedside RNs make way more! I took a pay cut of $6.00/hour when I started... After several years my CM position pays me slightly more than what a bedside RN would make as a new grad, but not much more. In any case, I am almost completely ready to wipe my hands of being a case manager and have taken steps into furthering my career in another specialty part-time. I am hoping that this time next year I am no longer working even per diem as a CM, but we shall see. My per diem CM job is very flexible, which allows me to book days as often or as little as I wish at the last minute..... There are not many jobs in nursing that are similar.



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I actually got s $9,000/year pay raise going from bedside practice to case management. I work in a specialty office. One thing to remember is that even if you keep the same hourly rate, if you're going from 72 hrs/pay to 80, you're already going to see an increase in your take home.



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I suppose whether pay is better or worse than bedside nursing may depend on a few factors. What I mean is an experienced bedside nurse (5+ years lets say) who works weekends, evenings, holidays, overtime, ect. makes much more than a brand new nurse working only the required 36 hours, on day shift, with little to no weekend or evening shift differential or holiday pay.

I just interviewed for a case management position in my hospital and I am hoping the pay will at least match what I'm making now as a relatively new nurse on days working no overtime and only the minimum of required weekend and holiday time. Of course I'm also hoping I get offered the job and the ability to answer this question after I learn or negotiate a potential salary. I was told it is a salaried, not hourly position.



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Anyone familiar with AmeriHelth Caritas. I have inpatient CM experience.

I am thinking of applying for an open CM position with AeriHealth Caritas. Any input on this company would be helpful. Work load, work life balance, management, Pay compared to hospital CM?

Thank you!