How did you celebrate getting accepted?

by dc1994 (Member)

I've heard that letters for my school are supposed to be going out either this week or next, and I am so nervous but so excited. I stand a very good chance of getting in but I just WANT TO KNOW! The wait is absolutely killing me.

I don't know how I am going to celebrate yet, but I'm almost 100% certain I will cry when I get my letter (rejection or acceptance). But let's stay positive...

When you got accepted, how did you celebrate?

Fingers crossed!!!


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A cookout and a 6 pack lol now planning graduation with cookout at the pool and going swimming and a 6 pack when I get home lol


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I received my acceptance letter this past month. I haven't celebrated...YET. There's a nice bottle of wine I received as a gift that I'm waiting to share with friends on an upcoming summer evening for a good luck toast.