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How to calculate clinical teaching hours as credits

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I'd like to apply for nursing faculty loan forgiveness program but I am not sure how to figure out qualified service hours since I have been an adjunct clinical faculty member. Last semester, I taught 6 hours a week for 15 weeks, and Spring 2007 I'll be teaching 12 hours (two days) for 15 weeks. Does anybody know if all my teaching services will be equivalent of 12 or more credit hours during an annual period?

Thank you in advance for your insight.



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The best source of information would be your school of nursing. Different programs utilize different formulas for conversion of clinical hours to actual credit hours (in my school of nursing alone, there are TWO different forumulas being utilized). Best wishes to you :)


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Thank you, VickyRN!

I'll follow your advice. Jennie


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My school uses a 30:1 ratio. 30 contact hours equal 1 credit hour.

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