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How to become a Cath lab nurse


I am currently an LPN and will (hopefully) graduate in December with my Associates R.N. In the meantime, i love the cardiac stuff and have always dreamed of being in the cardiac cath lab. Do i have to wait for my R.N. or are there courses out there for LPN"S????


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I've never seen an LPN in the cardiac cath lab, but that doens't mean that it doesn't happen. Most cath labs need you to be ACLS certified, and I'm pretty sure you have to be an RN for that. I'd recommend attending any telemetry skills course you can get, even CEUs, and aim for a job on a tele floor or CCU after graduation. Once you have some experience with tele monitors, you'll be in a better position for CCL. I love cath lab, too! Good luck!

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