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How to answer? LONG

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After questioning staffing concerns several times at a high level I was given a poor review. The first in all my practice. Consequently, I resigned that position realizing that I had become a target.

Of course, they began to build a file. Included was:

1) One incident. Pt. pain control. Pt. refuses pain meds on my shift with c/o of following nurse having to medicate pt. for pain.

2) One incident. Administering ordered medications while pt. family visiting. Family felt this violated their visiting time.

3) One incident. Not immediately alerting charge nurse to pt. condition change. Charge nuse alerted when she returned to floor from E.R. Pt. already stabilized.

4) One incident. Using code alarm to gain additional assistance to pt. room after pt. faints on the way to B.R.

5) One incident. Encouraging diabetic pt. to allow ordered lab draw for blood sugar resulting in insulin administration per physician orders. Pt. was teary and I asked the Dr. to discuss this with her. He did. She allowed it. I was told that pt. said I was too convincing and was never to care for her or her family members again.

6) Many incidents. Time management. Not taking a 30 minute lunch break.

To rectify these situations I was to: 1) meet several times a week with my charge nurses for their input and direction. 2) Take the first two admits on every shift I worked.

Failing to do these things with satisfaction of all having input could result in termination.

Now, on paperwork for new positions there's a question: "Within the last 5 yrs. have you resigned or retired from a position after being notified you would be disciplined or discharged, or after questions about your clinical competence was raised?"

Honestly, how do I reply? Answering "yes" I must explain in a very little space. This is what I came up with:

"I resigned a position due to receiving a poor review. This review occured after discussing floor staffing issues several times with the charge nurse, the ADON, and the DON. I am available to discuss this situation if requested."

How would you answer and reply to this question?

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MAISY, RN-ER has 6+ years experience and specializes in ER/EHR Trainer.

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I don't think you need to answer that question at all. It appears that you don't qualify for that interview question based on your post. Everything you did or didn't do as per your post is part of your job. Educating a patient as to why they should have something done is your job, as is everything else you mentioned-from honoring a patient's wishes(re: receiving pain meds or refusing), to calling a code(are you a mind reader-how do you know why a patient goes down?) As for time management-every nurse I know has difficulty leaving for a break. I don't believe time management has anything to do with that!

If this is what your review pointed out as your shortcomings-I wouldn't consider it a poor review at all. Just typical of a nurse's week-the comments are without merit. I used to hire people and I would advise you to never mention this review during an interview. In the event, it was brought up by the interviewer at subsequent interviews: 1. I would make sure I hired an attorney and sue the pants off your old employer. 2. I would look them in the face and quote me saying it is a typical week for any nurse and maybe I'd also mention the staffing difficulty, and your attempts at interacting with management.

Don't ever answer that question, YOU DID NOTHING WRONG!!!! Sounds like your old manager or DON is an idiot. Now they are more short staffed. Feel sorry for your old co workers. Good luck to you.


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santhony44 is a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in FNP, Peds, Epilepsy, Mgt., Occ. Ed.

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I don't have a good answer for you; I just wanted to say that the "review" was ridiculous. I'd be embarrassed to put all that in a performance review. The "manager" should be ashamed. :trout:

#2 is particularly absurd. Is the patient in the facility to visit with family, or to get care????

Obviously there wasn't anything to ding you on so they had to make stuff up!

Good luck on finding a great job. You were smart to get out of there. Who knows, the next thing might have been an infection control violation for sneezing in the hallway!

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