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I'm just signed as prn agency with a company. I felt fine as I'm very confident in my nursing abilities, BUT I'm now super anxious bc the charting is Meditech. It's horrible and I'm nervous I won't keep up from this ancient charting system. As an agency nurse (I've never done) you should be self sufficient. I'm not sure I can be with meditech. Any suggestions. experiences? Any info for a new agency nurse? Floating info?

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Not sure which version you're using but I used a DOS version during a travel assignment this summer. If it's anything similar it's not a hard system to use, it's just not user friendly. But it's not confusing, and wasn't hard to pick up. Are you getting any type of training with the program?


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yes, virtual training and a check off....I just like to be very efficient and timely when working at the bedside. Maybe I am over reacting. thanks