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How accurate is the Pearson Vue Trick?


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I just took my NCLEX PN exam today at 8:00am. I finished 60 questions in a little over an hour.

I just did the Pearson Vue Trick and I am getting a "Good pop up" I hope this indicates that I passed.

I don't want to get too stoked because there is always room for disappointment (just being practical).

How accurate is the Pearson vue trick, does anyone here know?


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You can read through thread after thread after thread regarding the PVT on this forum. You'll find people who found it to work and you'll also find people who found it was not accurate. The bottom line is the only for sure way to know if you passed is by your official results.

I've done it for my self and 4 different friends 2 friends whom failed. It showed the bad pop up 2 friends and myself good pop up. Second time my other 2 friends did it again showed bad on first friend good on the second and every time the trick worked.

I know there are people whom found it doesn't work but so far it has for me and my friends I have helped. Besides 60 questions, yeah you passed.