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Houston Texas

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Can anyone give me some info about the big hospitals there? I fear I need to give up on where I was hoping to go back to.

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Anything more specific you'd like to know? We have dozens (literally).

Well I'm wanting to know the environment for CRNA's specifically but I would also like to know

- which ones are the teaching hospitals?

-is there an anesthesiology program and which one is it-- I want to avoid it!

-which ones to do the nurse anesthesia students go to


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what specialty would you like to work??? if peds..then definitely Texas Children's, if trauma, then big names at med ctr....Memorial Hermann...Ben Taub...


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I know UT in Houston has a CRNA program, but their students are scattered all over the place. Methodist Hospital is in the Medical Center along with St. Lukes, M.D. Anderson, Memorial Hermann, Texas Children's, Ben Taub, etc. I've worked with a lot of CRNA's, but they are mostly at the outlying hospitals.

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