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Houston Methodist recruiting events in Northeast?



I am a RN moving from the Northeast to Houston area later this year. Does anyone know if Houston Methodist is having a recruitment event in the Northeast this winter/spring? I know they have come up this way before and Memorial Hermann is having one at the end of February. Looks like MD Anderson is not hiring so I'm looking into all options. Thanks!

Wolf at the Door

Has 7 years experience.

why not call that hospital and ask HR?

I called HR and left a msg (no one picked up). Let's see if they call back...There is also no HR e-mail.

Same here, I am moving from the northeast to Houston, I guess I will be attending the one for the end of the month.

EllaBella- Which event are you attending at the end of the month? I know of one for Memorial Hermann in NYC. Is Houston Methodist also having one?