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Houston CC - Repeating course policy?

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So I've been talking to lots of counselors and admissions about their course repeat policy. Nobody could give me a straight answer; I first was told that the grades are averaged together, then at admissions they said the better grade will replace the bad grade (but the repeat will show on the transcript).

To get to the point, I made a C's the first time I took PSYC 2314 and BIOL 2401 (AP1) in Fall '08, then another C for BIOL 2402 (AP2) in Spring '09.

I repeated PSYC 2314 in Spring '10 and BIOL 2401 (AP1) in Summer '10 and earned both A's. Once the grades post, my GPA jumps quite a bit, but 2 weeks later it gets flagged in the system that it is a repeated course and is excluded from my GPA, thus my GPA drops back down. I am seeing this via my unofficial transcript online. I am currently retaking BIOL 2402 this Fall '10.

Again, I spoke with people from admissions and the counselors office and could not get a straight answer. I was told to contact their administrative office..which I will do tomorrow.

FYI, I will be applying to HCC Coleman.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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