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12 Hour shifts

shod74 shod74 (New) New

I am thinking about moving to the Milwaukee area and was wondering if any of the hospitals in the area have 12 hour shifts. I am having difficulty trying to figure out if the hospitals offer them or not. I have been looking at Froedtert hospital, and I see that they offer the 7/10, but am definitely not interested in that kind of position. Does Froedtert hospital offer 12 hour shifts? Do any of the other hospitals have 12 hour positions? Thanks for the help!

melizerd, ASN, RN

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It really varies by hospital, even within the aurora hospitals from one to another. I know several nurses that work 12s, but only a few new nurses are getting that type of shift. Mostly because once someone has 12s they don't seem to leave ;)

So they are an option here but I'd say I know just as many people working 8s as I do 12s.