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Hospitals in San Francisco?

tiquicia tiquicia (New) New

I'm a new grad in the Bay Area and currently job-hunting. If you work in a San Francisco hospital, I'd love to hear about your experience and recommendations.



Specializes in Critical Care/ICU.

What area of nursing are you interested?

Good question-

I'd like to either start in Med/Surg pretty soon, or wait until the summer to do an ED new grad training program- can't decide!


Specializes in Critical Care/ICU.

Here's a link to the hospitals in the Bay Area:


I would say go for UCSF if you want to stay in the city proper. Or you can commute a little bit south to Stanford.

Both places have new grad programs including that for the ED. I think Stanford's new grad programs are twice/yr, now and in the summer.

Good luck to ya!!

p.s. I've heard that SF General has a VERY lively ED!!

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