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hospitals in albuquerque

Pkkostura specializes in ICU.

hello Im a nurseing student and thinking about moving to albuquerque after I finish nursing school in 2008 here in az. And i was wondering how many different hospitals there are in albuquerque, and how many of them are owned by different companys. Beacause out here in the phx area there are a lot of hospitals but there all owned by the same company, esp. in mesa, bannerhealthcare owns almost all of them. And I dont really like that, since there really on the cheap side and are monapolizing around the phx area. Thx, Paul.

SCGreywolf specializes in ICU/CCU/ER/CVICU.

Essentially there are three groups of health care providers. Lovelace, Presby and UNM. The VA is there too but doesn't do much hiring. There is another thread here about wages and systems you might want to research.

Good Luck

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